Cola Gelatin Flavour E-liquid

As you already know Vape Canyon love to replicate their favourite 80's classics. This time they're back with another smash hit, introducing Candy Baron Cola Gummy Bottles. Say goodbye to those healthy all natural modern gummy snacks that you've been eating and feast your taste buds on this, it's sugar coated, powder coated and it tastes as unhealthy as an early 80's diet pill!


The Vape Canyon range is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, in 120ml plastic squeeze bottles.


Flavour: Candy (Gelatin / Gummy), 80's Cola Syrup
Liquid Ratio: MAX VG (80/20)
Steep Time: RTV (Ready To Vape)

Candy Baron Cola Bottles by Vape Canyon - E-liquid





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