Dinner Lady Disposable Pen

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The Dinner Lady Vape Pen is a compact disposable vape pen featuring the iconic Vape Dinner Lady Nicotine Salt eLiquids. 

Enclosed in a premium aluminum casing, the Dinner Lady Vape pen has been through extensive humidity and altitude testing to ensure it remains fresh with no leaking. 

Once finished, please dispose of thoughtfully. 

Each Pen is rated up to 400 puffs



  • Bubblegum Ice - Berry, bubblegum, koolada
  • Banana Ice - Banana, vanilla cream, koolada
  • Mango Ice - Sweet mango, koolada
  • Strawberry Ice - Strawberry, Vanilla cream, hints of citrus, koolada
  • Lemon Sherbet Ice - Sweet and Sour sherbet, koolada
  • Citrus Ice - Lemon, lime, orange, koolada
  • Fruit Mix - Red berries, grapes, currents, citric fruits with koolada
  • Tobacco - A bold, smooth and sophisticated tobacco with caramel notes